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May 1


How to Connect Stripe to QuickBooks Online

Connect Stripe to QuickBooks Online - How to Connect Stripe to QuickBooks Online

Connect Stripe to QuickBooks Online

In this article, we discuss how to sync your Stripe transactions into QuickBooks Online. Before we start delving into the integration of QuickBooks and Stripe, let’s first understand what they are.

Stripe is one of the popular payment processors that is used for making digital payments and transactions all over the globe. It helps medium and small businesses to carry out their payments online. Stripe offers best in class digital transactional features that enables its users to transfer money across online and ecommerce transactions, increasing in the field of e-commerce. Stripe gateway could be used both as a payment system and for receiving payments.

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And coming to QuickBooks, it is an accounting software used by small and medium businesses worldwide to keep track of their accounts and financial auditing. QuickBooks is a versatile accounting platform that offers accounting solutions for most of the small business models. It can be also accessed remotely using a cloud desktop with the help of cloud based QuickBooks. Especially for the businesses that require an advanced accounting tool for reconciliation, taxes, reporting, and inventory management features.

Stripe QuickBooks Integration with PayTraQer

To integrate Stripe with QuickBooks Online, you can go with the most trusted automation solutions like Saasant PayTraQer. It is an automation tool from Saasant, and has been highly recommended and preferred by small business owners and QuickBooks Pro advisors ever since. With PayTraQer you can record and import your bulk Stripe transaction details into QuickBooks Online within a click. The Stripe QuickBooks integration will be effective in importing every single aspect, including taxes, payout, sales, fees, etc. Using PayTraQer, all your time spent on manual entries will be taken off, and your books will be kept precise and less prone to errors.

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This automation app can be very easily used with QuickBooks Online that could save you, tons of time.

How to connect Stripe with QuickBooks?

To get started with, we are going to connect your QuickBooks account and Stripe account with PayTraQer and then we will be able to import Stripe transactions to QuickBooks.

Installing PayTraQer:

Installing PayTraQer is very simple, and can be done within a few clicks. Let’s learn how to integrate Quickbooks Online and Stripe with PayTraQer.

Step 1: From the Intuit app store, Search for PayTraQer and enter the app page.

Step 2: Click on ‘Get the app’.

Step 3: Now choose the Stripe tile from the Online payment systems page.

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Step 4: Next, configure the pre-installation features with the necessary details in the quick settings. The page displays the settings that are required for Stripe Quickbooks Sync.

Step 5: You can then go on to the Custom Settings for configuring additional features.

  • Sales settings
  • Product settings
  • Tax settings
  • Fee settings
  • Expense settings
  • Payout settings
  • Automation settings

Step 6: Fill in the desired inputs and click ‘Save’.

Once navigating to the dashboard, PayTraQer automatically records your previous transactions that appear in the dashboard. Verify the recorded transactions anytime with detailed log. Also, click on the ‘Sync’ button to import your Stripe transaction into Quickbooks instantly.

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Import Stripe transactions to QuickBooks Online

Using PayTraQer, It’s completely possible to manually import your selective Stripe transactions to QuickBooks Online. But since this manual process is step by step workflow based, it can sometimes become quite tedious, inefficient and time consuming.

While turning the automatic syncing method for recording Stripe transactions in QuickBooks, you end up saving lots and lots of money, time and effort from the side of manpower. It also needs to be noted that the syncing methods and ways will differ based on the settings and account preferences.

Benefits of Integrating Stripe and QuickBooks

  • Advanced QuickBooks Stripe Automation:

    The PayTraQer automation manages to import your Stripe payment transactions with all the necessary data chosen by advanced settings. Sync your Stripe payments seamlessly to your QuickBooks Online account with the minimalistic and easy, yet robust integration system. The advanced settings and features automatically take over all of your manual efforts, leaving you with accurate and error free results.

  • Sync Historic Stripe Transactions:

    If you have just started using PayTraQer for the Stripe QuickBooks integration, the best part is awaiting. You are now able to record all your historic payment information (previous 60 days) and import all the transactions into Quickbooks from PayTraQer within a single click.

  • Reconcile your Payments in QuickBooks:

    You can reconcile your Stripe payments and make a perfect reflection of your Stripe transactions from your QuickBooks Online account for the synced transactions. From your bank account, transfer that amount from your checking account. This shows the legitimate cash flow from your Stripe transaction that is transferred to your checking account.

  • Undo and Redo Synced Transactions:

    PayTraQer gives you complete control for you to completely reverse the unnecessary transaction data and keep the required ones to be maintained in QuickBooks or redo a fresh batch of data sheet, making it a user-friendly QuickBooks Stripe Sync tool.

  • Supports transactions in multiple currencies:

    PayTraQer supports accepting multiple forms of currencies from all over the world, You can enable the multi currency feature just by checking the multiple currency options under the advanced settings. You can start importing the transactions from many more international payments and welcome the abundance to your business with PayTraQer automation.

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Record Historic Stripe Payments in QuickBooks Online

After having configured the installation settings, QuickBooks will automatically import the
previous transactions from your Stripe account upto 30 days. If you are required to record the previous transactions before 30 days, you need to be aware that PayTraQer can record upto 90 days of transactions from the Stripe account.By the way, you can import all the available previous historical transactions to QuickBooks Online from Stripe.

To Conclude,

PayTraQer is the best and efficient automation tool for syncing all your transaction data from Stripe to your Quickbooks accounting software in just a few clicks. Not only does this make you save time, but it also makes your business smart with ample time on your ongoing business.


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