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June 13


“The Legendary Career of Alan Gowling: From Manchester United to the Australian Outback”

The Legendary Career of Alan Gowling: From Manchester United to the Australian Outback

In the world of football, Alan Gowling is a name that rings a bell among true football enthusiasts. His legendary career began in the 1960s at Manchester United, where he achieved great success at the top league. Afterward, he went on to play for clubs like Huddersfield Town, Newcastle United, and Southampton, before moving on to the Australian league where he continued to make waves. In this blog post, we’ll explore the career of Alan Gowling, from his early days to his peak in the sport, to his move to Australia.

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Early Days and Manchester United

Alan Gowling began playing football in his hometown of Manchester when he was just a young boy. He initially played for local teams before joining the Manchester United Academy in 1963. He made his first-team debut for the Red Devils in 1967 and was soon regarded as one of the most promising young players in the country. He scored 26 goals in just 82 appearances and helped the team win the European Cup in 1968.

Move to Huddersfield Town

In 1972, Gowling moved to Huddersfield Town, where he continued to showcase his skills. In his first season with the club, he scored an impressive 30 goals and was named Player of the Year. He remained with the club for three seasons before moving on to Newcastle United.

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Newcastle United and Southampton

At Newcastle United, Gowling formed a formidable strike partnership with Malcolm Macdonald. Together, they helped the club win promotion to the First Division in 1976. However, the partnership was soon ended when Gowling was sold to Southampton. He continued to play exceptionally well for the club, scoring some crucial goals in their push for promotion to the First Division.

Alan Gowling in Australia

In 1978, Alan Gowling moved halfway across the world to play for the Australian club, Hakoah Sydney City. He quickly established himself as a top scorer, finding the back of the net regularly and helping the team win the National Soccer League championship in 1980.

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Playing and Coaching Careers

After retiring from professional soccer, Alan Gowling returned to Australia, where he built a successful coaching career. He coached at clubs like Northern Spirit and national teams, leading them to several championships and earning plaudits for his skills and expertise.


Q1. What clubs did Alan Gowling play for in his career?
A1. Alan Gowling played for Manchester United, Huddersfield Town, Newcastle United, Southampton, and Hakoah Sydney City.

Q2. What awards did Alan Gowling win during his career?
A2. Alan Gowling won numerous awards during his career, including the Manchester United Player of the Year and the Huddersfield Town Player of the Year.

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Q3. What was Alan Gowling’s style of play?
A3. Alan Gowling was known for his powerful shots, heading ability, and tackling prowess.

Q4. What impact did Alan Gowling have on Australian football?
A4. Alan Gowling helped raise the profile of soccer in Australia and played a significant role in the Hakoah Sydney City’s championship-winning team.

Q5. Did Alan Gowling make any international appearances?
A5. Alan Gowling never played for England, despite being regarded as one of the country’s best young talents.

Q6. When did Alan Gowling retire from professional soccer?
A6. Alan Gowling retired in 1983.

Q7. What is Alan Gowling doing now?
A7. Alan Gowling is retired from coaching and currently lives in Australia.

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In conclusion, Alan Gowling was a legendary footballer who contributed significantly to the sport during his career. He had an exceptional playing record, both in England and Australia, and later went on to build a successful coaching career. His legacy continues to live on, inspiring generations of young players who aspire to greatness. If you want to learn more about Alan Gowling’s career, watch some highlights of his games or read some articles about him, and you’ll appreciate his impact on the game of football.


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