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October 19


Who is Victor Chaos from South Park’s Post Covid special?Spoilers ahead

Who is Victor Chaos from South Park’s Post Covid special?Spoilers ahead

South Park: Part 1 of the COVID-19 Pandemic premiered Nov. 25 on Paramount’s streaming platform – Part 2 arrives today, Dec. 16. Many found Butters’ absence from the first part obvious, especially when he was introduced to Victor Kaos in the final moments of the episode. Now that the return of COVID is among us, who is Victor Chaos from South Park’s Post Covid special?


Who is the mysterious Victor Chaos in South Park’s Post Covid special part 1?

in a few hours Premieres on Paramount+the first installment of South Park’s Post Covid special had fans parse it for details that might contain clues about who Victor Chaos might be.


His name, on the one hand, is an indicator.He shared with Professor Chaos Butters Stotch’s supervillain alter ego In South Park: Broken but whole.

Professor Chaos wears a tin foil mask – Butters’ distinctive blond hair sticks out from under it. His eponymous episode aired on April 10, 2002. This is the 6th episode of Season 6, or the 85th overall. This may seem like an inconsequential detail, but it is not.

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Photo by Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/Denver Post via Getty Images

But the common last name does not prove that Victor Chaos is the same person as Professor Chaos, namely Butters.

South Park fans take a closer look at Victor Kaos’ cell phone number

in a Reddit post ○n last scene The OP of Post Covid thinks Victor Chaos is Butters, in part because “he didn’t appear in the special”. But that’s not all.

Victor Chaos is a patient in a mental hospital. A doctor brought him dinner and sent him to cell 41002-66.

As one attentive viewer pointed out, 41002-66 corresponds to the date Professor Chaos first aired the episode. April 10, 2002 = April 10, 2002; 66 = Season 6, Episode 6.

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Victor Chaos is thus “110% butter,” according to one reviewer.

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South Park Post Covid Part 2 release date revealed

Paramount+ Announced on December 8 Part 2 of South Park’s two-part Post Covid series, subtitled The Return of COVID, will premiere on Thursday, December 16.

Part 1 premiered on November 25. Some think the second part will air on Christmas Day.one Comment by Thought it would be “perfectly aligned” since Part 1 was also released on the 25th. The fact that next year will be South Park’s 25th anniversary is also a factor. However, last week’s prediction proved wrong when Paramount+ announced the actual date.

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Now that South Park Post Covid: The Return of COVID has premiered, the identity of Victor Chaos is no longer a mystery. He is a”NFT brothers“.

Aside from all the hustle and bustle about Victor Chaos’ identity, fans of the show responded well to the first part of South Park’s Post Covid special.

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Still, Cartman’s newfound Jewish identity seems to confuse some people.

//sp post covid spoilers

Just looked up spoilers for the new South Park special because I don’t have a Paramount+ but it still confuses me that Cartman is Jewish pic.twitter.com/ADDID3GKFz

— れん/ren 🍅 (@tomatoouji16) November 25, 2021

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