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November 12


Why are plastic postcards so effective

Why are plastic postcards so effective scaled - Why are plastic postcards so effective

Businesses have only a few minutes to capture the attention of their customers when they use direct mail. From the moment the customer opens the mailbox to the point the customer reaches their front door is the time available to make a good impression on the customer.

Customers receive a variety of mailings each week. Most of these mailings are paper and often discourage the customer from reading them. A plastic postcard with a glossy finish immediately grabs the customer’s attention.

Most people are very busy and have little time to read mail, especially promotional mailings. A plastic postcard is a perfect size. It provides all the information the customer wants to know about the company, its product, or its promotion. It is therefore vital that the plastic postcard contains the right text with the right image to convey the message within seconds.

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Size matters

Postcards are ideally sized for a quick read. At one glance, the customer can obtain all the relevant information to make an informed decision including the business location, name, a call to action, as well as what the message is about.

Visuals capture attention

Bright, eye-catching visuals displayed in the right format will grab the attention of the reader who has several other mailings in their hand. When used correctly, visuals alone can be the deal maker.


Plastic mailers can be highly personalized. This creates an emotional connection to the business and fosters loyalty.

This is supported by a study that revealed that 67% of respondents felt that direct mail is more personalized than email marketing. And, in another study, 77% of Millennials looked at direct mail with interest.


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